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Sunday, July 3, 2011

July 4 Editorial: Not a "Greek" Problem but a WORLD Problem

Here are some recent quotes from one of the yahoo groups which I belong to, one on Byzantine and Modern Greek History:

Date: Sat, 18 Jun 2011 10:50:12 +0000
Subject: [byzantine-moderngreek-history] Are Greeks a Nation in denial? It seems ao, according to this article of Reuters

Re: [byzantine-moderngreek-history] Are Greeks a Nation in denial? It seems ao, according to this article of Reuters

This is not a "Greek" problem, it has been raised to the level of a global concern.

Soon after the US President Barack Obama restructured the economy by giving away TRILLIONS of dollars the government DID NOT have in order to shore up its failing internal economic structure, the writing was already on the wall. Economists in the USA would then point to Greece and say "the loan crisis there is a model of what is going to happen in the USA when this situation comes to maturity"

ALL the nations of the world have been mismanaging funds and spending foolishly with no thought as to a day of reckoning to come in the future. I believe it is actually the United States that is to blame for giving other nations the false idea that it is possible to mismanage finances this way and get away with it.

The USA is NOT going to get away with it. NOBODY is.
What we need to do is rethink the whole economic structure with especially an attention to keeping nations from trying to spend their way out of debt. ALL Nations, top to bottom. And along with this also go the problems of overpopulation, underemployment, and abuse of natural resources (both plundering the planet and polluting it) And the blame for this goes squarely on the wealthiest individuals and the wealthiest nations for bring about such a catastrophic loss of resources.

I am sorry to say that I see little chance of the necessary adjustments being made democratically, I am afraid that too many people in power are already too comfortable with the way things are to give up their comforts willingly. I am very much afraid we may need a totalitarian government that will be capable of forcing irresponsible and greedy individuals to behave. We shall have to rid ourselves of the notions of social ranks and priveleges, of personal property being allowed to individuals when those individuals are tying up enough revenue to keep a small-sized country running otherwise. We should not allow billionaires or millionaires to exist while people are starving and unemployed. We must be rid of all of the great inequalities of society. And as I have said, we may need to institute a totalitarian government in order to make certain it shall not happen again. My own ideas on this matter are not going to be popular and in fact are likely to be called Draconian. But we have had a crisis building for several years and so far the heads of governments have been making the situation worse instead of better.

God Help Us All, Dale D.

Sunday, Jun 19, 2011
Re: Are Greeks a Nation in denial? It seems ao, according to this article of Reuters

A very interesting set of ideas Dale.
But do you know how the age of power of the Classical Democracy of ancient
Athens started? The landed rich of "gentle" descent had rapaciously confiscated
through usury all the land of the poor farmers, with the result of stagnation
and even decline of the State of Athens. Then that State appointed Athenian
Solon, one of the 7 wise men of Ancient Greece to reform Athenian Society. The
first of corrective measures that Solon declared as state law was Seisachtheia,
that is abolition of existing Debt. This is the problem with today's Debt of
Greece. Yesterday the chairman of the Eurogroup mr. Juncker acknowledged that
Europe behaves like a tough father who chastizes his son Greece by beating, and
that alleviation measures should be taken, e.g. the cost of starting the
restarting of the Greek Economy to be undertaken by Europe alone!. We Greeks, in
our situation of fall need true help and not a usurer, a compassionate mother
and not an exploiting step-mother, because we are near the limit of our taxation
bearance and we are forbidden by the Mnemonium signed either to exploit our
natural resourses like oil, natural gas, gold, metals to declare our Exclusive
National sea Zone or to borrow elsewhere at a lower rate.

Cordially, George

Sun Jun 19, 2011
Re: Are Greeks a Nation in denial? It seems ao, according to this article of Reuters

One of the things the world seriously needs to do is rethink the entire economy.
Abolishment of debt and starting over again with a clean slate is a good way to
start. The new government is going to have to take some very stern measures to
be certain that the formerly-wealthy class does not try to go back and do the
same thing over again. That would be the part I was describing as "Totalitarian"

I am not certain if we have leaders with the courage to be that unpopular with
the current ruling classes. But a wise and truly democratic management of the
world's remaining resources is something that is long overdue.

Best Wishes, Dale D.

Sun Jun 19, 2011 11:21 am
Re: Are Greeks a Nation in denial? It seems ao, according to this article of Reuters

We agree!
Best wishes to you too, Dale!

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